Parvo and a call for donations

Sadly, a litter of 8 week old Pit/Shepherd puppies that Pit Crew rescued has had at least one puppy test positive for parvo. We are working to get all of the puppies isolated, tested, and treated. Fortunately, we caught it early and are optimistic about the outlook.

Here's where we need help... we need donations of bleach wipes, puppy pads, and paper towels for the acute care of the puppies. We also need monetary donations. Vetting is going to be extremely expensive for this many puppies and we are also running short on our GoFundMe campaign for our deaf boy in training, Ceazer. Every little bit helps. Donations can be made through this website, directly to Gainesway Animal Clinic in Lexington, or at any of our upcoming events. We are working on setting up an Amazon wish list so items can also be ordered and shipped directly to the puppies' foster home.

Thank you all for everything you all do to support us.