Hard hearted

This rescue business isn't for the weak....I went into it assuming the people I'd be meeting and working with were all on the same page as I am. I figured they'd all have big, unselfish hearts. Hearts that desire to make a difference and hearts that long to see change. Don't get me wrong, I have met those people. They do exist. I'm blessed that a few have been placed in my path. But....there are many who are selfish and attention seeking and plain old crooked, It was quite a rude awakening for me to see that not all rescue people/groups are in it for the right reason.

Why am I telling you all this? Well, I can already see my own heart changing. No, not in the way I mentioned above,, I pray I  never  lose sight of what I'm in this for! My heart is changing in the sense that it's becoming a little more tough....or hardened. At first, this made me sad. I don't want to assume the worst of my fellow rescuers. I don't want to have to question everyone's motives. But as time has gone on, I see it's not such a bad thing. I make a commitment to any and every dog I take in. That commitment involves keeping the dog safe, seeking proper medical help, and finding a perfect home match.. I will do whatever it takes to make those things happen. I am not interested in your praise. I am not interested fellow rescuer's opinion of how I should run things. I am interested in saving dogs. I have aligned myself with the fabulous people at Saving Sunny Inc.   They have taught me. They have mentored me. They have shown me how I want to do this rescue stuff. I have absolute faith and trust in them and I will continue to seek their guidance throughout this journey.

I welcome any and all questions you may have about how and why I do things. I don't want there to be any doubt about what I'm doing, where my dogs are going, where your donations are spent. I welcome your questions. I want you to be able to trust me so that together we can save lives. Thank you for your support. I cannot do it without you. Donations are vital . They come in the form of money, dog food, leashes, collars, fosters homes, crates, transporting a dog, etc. Please consider make a contribution in some way.