There's never time to grieve in rescue

We had a rough week with the parvo puppies. Our hearts were crushed as we received the news that three puppies were not able to be saved. Even as we needed time to mourn these puppies we continued to get requests to pull dogs, updates about vetting needs for our current dogs, and the continued need to raise funds for training. We rallied and made it to two events so we could network for our current dogs needing homes. We also have been in touch with other businesses to set up events for the future, Ceazer's trainer, and found a trainer for Sugar (our girl who was dumped at a shelter). Also, Blue went to his forever home and is doing awesome! 

The four remaining puppies are on the mend, but parvo is a tricky illness and we remain guarded until they are all fully recovered. One should be released from the hospital today.

The support from everyone and the blips of good news are what keep us going in rescue. Seeing happy dogs enjoying life with their new families reminds us that rescue is worth it. All of the tears, heart break, and struggle is for a worthwhile purpose. 

We can't do it alone. The bill for hospitalizing the puppies is massive. We still need to raise $400 for Ceazer's training, and have an awesome pledge of $500 for Sugar's training, but that will only cover about two weeks and we are hoping to raise $400 more to keep her with a trainer for a month. Please consider making a donation to help us do the best we can for these dogs. Donations can be made to our paypal through this site or donations for the puppies' hospital bills can be made directly to their vets Sheabel Veterinary Hospital (859) 269-7387 or Gainesway Small Animal Clinic (859) 272-9625.


Sugar, the awesome girl who we are trying to get off to a trainer to help her heal from the turmoil she has gone through with losing her home and get her back to the awesome dog we know her to be

Sugar, the awesome girl who we are trying to get off to a trainer to help her heal from the turmoil she has gone through with losing her home and get her back to the awesome dog we know her to be

Parvo and a call for donations

Sadly, a litter of 8 week old Pit/Shepherd puppies that Pit Crew rescued has had at least one puppy test positive for parvo. We are working to get all of the puppies isolated, tested, and treated. Fortunately, we caught it early and are optimistic about the outlook.

Here's where we need help... we need donations of bleach wipes, puppy pads, and paper towels for the acute care of the puppies. We also need monetary donations. Vetting is going to be extremely expensive for this many puppies and we are also running short on our GoFundMe campaign for our deaf boy in training, Ceazer. Every little bit helps. Donations can be made through this website, directly to Gainesway Animal Clinic in Lexington, or at any of our upcoming events. We are working on setting up an Amazon wish list so items can also be ordered and shipped directly to the puppies' foster home.

Thank you all for everything you all do to support us.

Welcome to Pit Crew, Ceazer!

On Saturday we welcomed Ceazer as a new pit crew dog! Ceazer is about 3 years old and he is deaf. Ceazer is currently with Nick Risden of K9 Motivation for training to learn basic obedience and manners. 

Ceazer came to us from Pikeville after his owner contacted us about needing to find him a new home. Pit Crew gets requests to place dogs daily and unfortunately without as many foster homes as there are dogs needing homes we cannot help everyone. However, something about Ceazer and his story spoke to us. Ceazer's owner is going through some serious health issues and she is not able to handle him. He is a big boy and is pretty excited to go on adventures. Ceazer would be difficult to place, being deaf, without some basic training and manners. His owner took him for his updated shots and a heart worm test and once that all came in as healthy arrangements were made for him to come to Lexington. 

He rode well in the car. He just wanted to give kisses and explore. 


So far, Ceazer is adapting to life in the kennel for his month long board and train. He doesn't have any manners, but they are working on it. We can still use help raising the funds to pay for his training. We have over half of the costs covered through a go fund me campaign, but need to get the rest together. Any little bit helps. After he is done at the trainer, he will need a foster home and a forever home that will understand the unique challenges associated with a deaf dog and is willing to continue working on his training.


Ceazer giving kisses

Ceazer giving kisses

Fostering saves lives

Summer is an adorable baby pit bull, who was abandoned at a local shelter with her litter mates. Summer was in very poor condition and not likely to survive without immediate medical attention. 

Summer after leaving the shelter at the emergency vet getting admitted

Summer after leaving the shelter at the emergency vet getting admitted

Pit Crew stepped up and pulled her from the shelter and got her immediate medical attention. Summer had parasites and was malnourished. She had to be hospitalized for a few days, but was released to a foster home. In just three weeks Summer has put on weight and is just like a normal healthy, happy puppy. She is also almost potty trained. 

Summer after three weeks at her foster home

Summer after three weeks at her foster home

We cannot help dogs like Summer without dedicated foster families. We get requests daily to help at risk and medically complicated bully breeds and we would love to help them all, but we only can help as many dogs as we have foster homes available. We also have to thank all of our wonderful supporters who rallied to help cover Summer's medical expenses (admission to the hospital in emergencies like Summer's can easily cost $300 or more for 24 hours).

If you've ever considered fostering, please send in an application. Fostering is free. We provide medical care, food, and monthly preventatives. All you have to provide is space, love, and work on skills dogs will need in their forever home (like house training, basic training, and manners). If you cannot foster, then we always can use help sharing our dogs either from our website, from Petfinder, or on our Facebook page. Shares help our dogs get seen by potential families.



We have a lot of events coming up and we would love to see you there! So please continue to check the website for updates. As always, you can connect and stay up to date through our Facebook page. We aren't able to do any of this without your support. We are all very appreciative and I know the pups appreciate you too!


Ryker Needs Help

Ryker posing as he rests and recovers from being attacked.

Ryker posing as he rests and recovers from being attacked.

I am very sad to report that Ryker has been diagnosed with a torn ACL. On top of all the other injuries he has suffered, he now faces surgery to repair this injury. Ryker has never had the love of a caring family. He has only known suffering. He is, at the most, 3 years old. Lexington Pit Crew refuses to let him suffer any further, but your help is crucial. A goal of $1000 has been set. This will cover the cost of surgery and after care. Please consider making a donation to this sweet boy's fund.  Together, we can make sure he is shown a life of love, and more importantly, no more pain. To donate, click here.

I'm back!!!

Good afternoon! It has been too long since I last posted. My apologies! Life has been a little busy. As much as I wish I could devote all my time to Lexington Pit Crew, I have a family and responsibilities that I must take care of first. My heart is so full and I'm am happiest when I rescue. The monetary needs of rescue have weighed on myself and my family.  Part of why I have been so busy is because I have decided take on a job! It is my hope that this new job not only support my family, but also help Lexington Pit Crew. And that is why I am coming to you now. I have become a skin care consultant with Rodan + Fields.  You have more than likely heard of Proactiv. The same Doctors who created the globally successful acne fighting regimen, have created more skin care lines to suit the needs of anyone. These products come in a 2 month supply and a 60 day money back guarantee. You have nothing to lose! My manager has made an offer to help support Lexington Pit Crew. From now until April 30, each time someone signs up as a preferred customer on my site, a $20 donation will be made to Lexington Pit Crew!!! Please visit to place your order now. If you have questions about which products are right for you, contact me . I will be more than happy to answer any questions you have. Thank you for your support! Be sure to like and share this post !


I just received some very sad news about one of my most dependable and reliable foster moms. She messaged to make me aware of a family crisis. She may not have a home after Monday. This situation is NO FAULT of her own. She was taken by complete surprise. She currently fosters (and intended to adopt) Bruiser and Bandyt. I am going to need a quick placement for these 2 dogs. PLEASE consider opening your home and your heart to one (or both) of these super sweet boys. This family includes 3 children who are extremely distraught by the loss. Please help me alleviate some of their stress by helping me find  a place for these guys.

Bandyt. Neutered male American Bulldog mix. Good with cats, kids, and other dogs.   

Bandyt. Neutered male American Bulldog mix. Good with cats, kids, and other dogs.


Bruiser (left). a 5 month old boxer/pit mix. Good with kids, cats, and dogs.   

Bruiser (left). a 5 month old boxer/pit mix. Good with kids, cats, and dogs.


Hard hearted

This rescue business isn't for the weak....I went into it assuming the people I'd be meeting and working with were all on the same page as I am. I figured they'd all have big, unselfish hearts. Hearts that desire to make a difference and hearts that long to see change. Don't get me wrong, I have met those people. They do exist. I'm blessed that a few have been placed in my path. But....there are many who are selfish and attention seeking and plain old crooked, It was quite a rude awakening for me to see that not all rescue people/groups are in it for the right reason.

Why am I telling you all this? Well, I can already see my own heart changing. No, not in the way I mentioned above,, I pray I  never  lose sight of what I'm in this for! My heart is changing in the sense that it's becoming a little more tough....or hardened. At first, this made me sad. I don't want to assume the worst of my fellow rescuers. I don't want to have to question everyone's motives. But as time has gone on, I see it's not such a bad thing. I make a commitment to any and every dog I take in. That commitment involves keeping the dog safe, seeking proper medical help, and finding a perfect home match.. I will do whatever it takes to make those things happen. I am not interested in your praise. I am not interested fellow rescuer's opinion of how I should run things. I am interested in saving dogs. I have aligned myself with the fabulous people at Saving Sunny Inc.   They have taught me. They have mentored me. They have shown me how I want to do this rescue stuff. I have absolute faith and trust in them and I will continue to seek their guidance throughout this journey.

I welcome any and all questions you may have about how and why I do things. I don't want there to be any doubt about what I'm doing, where my dogs are going, where your donations are spent. I welcome your questions. I want you to be able to trust me so that together we can save lives. Thank you for your support. I cannot do it without you. Donations are vital . They come in the form of money, dog food, leashes, collars, fosters homes, crates, transporting a dog, etc. Please consider make a contribution in some way.

Freedom is a comin'!


I am picking up this gorgeous beauty TODAY. Meet Honey. A lovely little pit mix from Garrard county. I hear she is a real sweetheart. We are heading directly to the vet for a once over, flea treatment, as well as to pick up meds for Brutus and a couple of other rescue pups currently in my care. I have had some wonderful donations and those are greatly appreciated. If you'd like to donate, click here. Thank you all. Have a terrific day. I will post pics once I have this girl in my hands.

Regarding Rehoming Dogs


I receive messages DAILY from people wanting me to help them rehome dogs. As much as it pains me to turn them away, I have no other option. My focus now is on dogs in shelters that are at risk of euthanasia. I now will instituting a new rule here. IF you contact me regarding a dog needing to be rehomed, I will share the story and picture ONLY if the dog has been spayed, neutered, and is up to date on shots. I apologize if this sounds harsh, but I am 1 person TRYING to make a difference. Perhaps, as I grow and gather more people I will be able to do more. I appreciate your support and I have enjoyed getting to know so many of you.

Scruffy needs a family... soon!



From Daviess County Animal Shelter

Zero Interest/Needs out ASAP!!
$70 Adoption Fee

SCRUFFY is a young, pit mix who has been at the shelter for far too long with no interest. This young, energetic boy is starting to give up hope on ever finding his forever home. When you get him out, he is overjoyed and just runs around, plays with toys, and smothers you with affection. He even falls over in a trance when you give him a good belly rub and back scratch. BUT, when it’s time to put him back in his kennel, he hits the brakes and fights to get off his leash. He is MISERABLE here! Scruffy used to live in a home where he was part of a family. Sadly, the landlord found out about him, and he had to be given up. Scruffy is growing up here and is not happy about it at all. He desperately wants his own family again. He is GREAT with other dogs (really submissive), good with kids, and simply loves everyone. Other dogs LOVE Scruffy-there is just something about him that they can't get enough of! He does need some basic training, but overall, he is such a great dog! We cannot say enough good things about this sweet boy!!! Please help us get him out of here before it's too late!! For more information on Scruffy, please contact the Daviess County Animal Shelter in Owensboro, Ky at 270.685.8275 or ASAP!!

Medical attention still needed



Taking this big handsome boy to Lexington Humane society to be neutered. His surgery and shots are free. However, he does have other medical issues that NEED to be addressed. Please consider making a donation. My husband may leave if I continue to pay for these dogs with our money. You don't want that on you, now do you?!?! Thanks guys. We are making a difference, one dog at a time!

Gibby needs you.

GIBBY was returned to the shelter today(1/22/14) and is EXTREMELY urgent!!! Please share this girl and act fast if you are interested!!! She doesn't have much time left at all!

Zero Interest/Out of Time!!
$40 Adoption Fee

GIBBY is a beautiful, loving girl that will soon be euthanized. This girl is a total sweetheart and it will be a VERY sad day for all of us if we fail this darling girl. She's so sweet and loving and really just seems to come to life when she's around people. We absolutely adore her. She was SO happy to get out and play for a little bit today. There was such a sparkle in her eye and she was so full of joy. She LOVES playing with toys. Gibby has been a little reactive to other dogs while taking her in and out of her kennel. However, she was 4 ft. away from another dog on a leash today and never once growled or tried to go after him. She may just have to take things slow when it comes to being around other dogs and be taught how to properly interact with them. We do know that she is great with kids. She doesn’t mind them hanging on her and being the center of their world. She even seems to light up more around kids and becomes happier and more playful when they're around. Gibby is about 1-2 years old, weighs about 55 lbs., and is a pit mix. If you're interested in sweet Gibby, please contact the Daviess County Animal Shelter in Owensboro, Ky at 270.685.8275 or IMMEDIATELY!!!

Sweet girl available!

This cute little girl is looking for a new home.

Oh my goodness, Gracie baby is still on the market! Know someone who's looking for sweet little blockhead who loves people, dogs and cats? Gracie is pure love and cuteness and we know that the perfect home is out there looking for this gorgeous girl. Let's help Gracie's rescuer find her the home she deserves. Please share! If you or someone you know is interested, shoot a message to