Since July of 2013, Lexington Pit Crew has had the privilege of saving, providing vet care, and spaying or neutering over 150 pit bull or pit bull mix dogs in the central Kentucky area. 

How It Began

My name is Shannon Smith. I am a wife, a mom, a daughter, a sister. I stay at home with my children (ages 7, 9, 11, 13). I have always loved dogs and always had dogs in my life. My dogs live as part of the family and are quite spoiled. I have always been a person who hated to hear about animals being abused. It broke my heart. I always thought someone should do something on behalf of those animals. One day it finally hit me that I could be someone that does something.


In 2010, our family decided to adopt from a local animal shelter. We walked in with every intention of avoiding the puppy room, but my four young children convinced me to go in and see the pups that were currently up for adoption. We looked at each one, played with a few, and thought they were all adorable. After a few minutes, one of the vet techs brought out a little black puppy that had just been neutered. He was tired and groggy and floppy and so cute. We immediately fell in love. I asked what kind of dog he was and was told black lab. We had a lab at home already so I knew he’d be great. We left there with Jango Fett (the kids loved Star Wars).

As Jango grew, it became more and more clear that our black lab was more of a pit bull. People stared at him if we were out and even pulled their kids away. I sometimes felt like other moms were judging me for having a pit bull in the same home as four children. It was frustrating to me. I knew how loving and sweet Jango was. He was a big baby. He allowed my almost 4 year old to lay all over him. I decided at that time I wanted to be an advocate for the breed. It wasn’t until April of 2013 that I decided I wanted to foster dogs. I was so excited to find a rescue and get started. To my surprise, there were very few rescues that were willing to help pit bulls and other bully breeds. Too much liability, they’re too hard to place, no one likes them….all some of the answers I received when I asked about fostering a pit. Several months later I came into contact with a wonderful organization located in Louisville. “Saving Sunny” was exactly what I was looking for. They take in pit bulls and other bully breeds and place them in approved foster homes. They care for the breeds no one else wanted to care about. I began fostering for them and made some great connections. In July, I decided to start a Facebook page promoting pit bulls and bully breed awareness. I figured there had to be some other people out there (in Lexington or nearby) that shared my love of this breed. Originally, Lexington Pit Crew was just going to be a place for people to connect, share photos, and talk about breed awareness. As time went by, it turned into more. I have been able to successfully rescue close to a dozen dogs. All of this was made possible with the support, guidance, and mentoring of the great folks at Saving Sunny. My desire is to establish a solid rescue here in the Lexington area for pit bulls and other bully breeds.

Saving one dog will not save the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.